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West Seattle Recycling
3881 16th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106
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Voice: (206) 935-4255
Fax: (206) 935-1791

Open Mon–Sat. 9a – 5:30p


WE NOW BUY STEEL & IRON (min. 300 lbs.)

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West Seattle Recycling Inc. is an independent, privately-owned recycling "buy-back" center that buys or accepts a wide variety of material from the public.

Residential and Commercial Recycling

We cater to both residential customers with small amounts of household items as well as commercial customers with larger amounts.

Common Materials We Buy or Accept

We Buy
aluminum cans and scrap
non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, radiators, stainless steel, insulated wire)
high grade paper
car batteries
steel & iron (min. 300 lbs.)

Please see Price list link for latest pricing information as well as materials accepted but not purchased.

We Accept
glass jars and bottles
mixed paper (junk mail, phone books, catalogs, etc.)
plastic containers and tin cans
steel & iron (under 300 lbs)

We accept the materials above, but do NOT pay you for them or charge you to accept them.

We no longer charge  for appliances. We  do not accept refrigerators,  freezers and microwaves. 


We Do NOT Accept
motor oil
scrap wood
yard waste or garbage
miscellaneous plastic

We ask that material brought into the recycling center be sorted and free of contaminants.

We pay cash for all materials purchased at the Center; and we are open from 9:00 to 5:30 Monday through Saturday, closed on Sundays and major holidays. IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective January 2014, a new State Law has been implemented and the following regulations are in effect: all scrap metal customers must have a valid ID for all purchases of scrap metals and we must get current address, phone number and vehicle license plates. Individuals can receive no more than $30 cash per transaction, amounts greater than $30 will be paid by check at the time of transaction. (no more 10 day hold) Businesses and employees or authorized agents of commercial accounts may be paid directly in full. Aluminum can purchases are exempt from this law.

Commercial Paper Accounts

We also provide a collection service for many different types of commercial paper accounts. These accounts range from community colleges, commercial printers both large and small, newspaper publishers and offices as well as one-time only file purges.

Please see High Grade Account for detailed information.

Community Accounts Program

West Seattle Recycling also has a "Community Accounts Program" in which members of groups (civic or private clubs, scout troops, schools and churches, charitable organizations, etc.) can raise money. Please see Community Accounts link for further info.

At any time call 206-935-4255 for further information.



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