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Christina Moskvitin

2 weeks ago

Very friendly, easy to work with. would recommend for anyone who needs to recycle paper, cardboard and metals.

Scooter Burner

3 months ago

Good company. Friendly. Quick service. Stayed a couple minutes late for me once and if they were irritated they didn't show it. Thanks for that. 12-26 Still a great place, friendly helpful fair prices. Prices may be slightly higher at other places but to be honest I dont even check, I just like it here.

Steven Crawford

2 months ago

Excellent experience, and personable staff with fair prices. Highly recommend

Brigitte-Marie R Logan

6 months ago

They're usually pretty quick here. But they do have tricks up their sleeves... Example- If you're here to turn in metal make sure you pay close attention to the weight on the scale, and the weight that is written down. Other than that its not too bad of a place.

Troy Leithe

2 months ago

I've been taking all my recycling to W S R..FOR CLOSE to 15 years..They have the best prices,very knowledgeable about all kinds of metals and the most important they are super Honest..That in of itself says a lot...very polite and …More

Bryan Keith

4 months ago

Great place and friendly service. I take all kinds of metal down every year so it doesn't end up as land fill. They even pay me for it. Saving the planet!

Jesse Halton

3 weeks ago

These guys are always nice.

wolf boy

5 months ago

Much much better option and better people to deal with than Pacific iron and whatever. Need to scrap metal? Come here

Simon Belmont

5 months ago

The people who work here are very reasonable and cool, and this place pays better per pound than practically anyplace else in the Seattle area. Bring your metals here.

Carol Killoran

7 months ago

It was GREAT. They helped me so much. Very nice. Thank you.

Jesse Graham

2 months ago

Fast and very nice people here

Mike Urban

a year ago

I would most certainly use their service again. Very competitive and fair prices paid. Excellent customer service. They were happy to educate me and help me triage some of my materials for better grade and pricing. Rob, in particular, was very attentive, helpful, and offered clear communication during the in-take process. Payment by check was immediate with no waiting. My one and only concern would be that they opened ten minutes late, but even then, I saw they were super-busy loading a tractor trailer with paper bales, so, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. One last constructive suggestion, given that we were first-timers, I would have liked to see some large signage indicating where to proceed and park in the yard. Solid five stars from me. Cheers!

Emily Lewis

4 months ago

John is awesome snd super helpful


2 months ago

Very knowledgeable, efficient, and fair.

Ryan Hughes

8 months ago

The guys are always great to work with, as an electrician I have a lot of old wire I bring down their I've never had a single problem.

Bryan Stone

a year ago

Awesome guys. Always friendly and fair.

Jason Holaday

a year ago

Great owner and employees, knowledgeable about everything they do to help you learn how to earn more of a profit for yourself. Very honest.

Amanda Schellhase

2 years ago

Nice, friendly and very helpful people. They are also very fair on the prices that they pay for recycle. My number one choice for any recycling related stuff. Highly recommended:)

Sophia Som

2 years ago

Great customer service! We had over 10 bags of aluminum cans, 4 tires and a bin full of aluminum metals-totaling to 200 something dollars. I would go there again considering the Recycling Depot right of I 90 is closed.

Thomas Mahaffey

8 months ago

Very straightforward and professional

Brenden Bonnett

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly, informative & helpful any & every time I have ever been there. They have competitive prices that are as good if not better than some of the other local competitors in the area, plus they are not just trying to cycle you through like cattle (like some of the other places). They recycle almost everything, I bring my items all the way from Whidbey Island (which is about 40 miles) because they are that much better to work with & their prices are that good, not to mention I can take care of my Seattle errands afterwards. Great guys, go see them you won't regret it.

Kizzy Stewart

2 years ago

We go there all the time knows the owner very well. Dave is a great owner.

Michael Lionheart

2 years ago

I have scrapped here for years. Best pacep around in my opinion!

Breanna Sauve

3 years ago

These guys are great! Fast friendly and always willing help you out when your in a pinch!

Christina Francis

2 years ago

Fast & efficient. Ive been going there for years.

Jonathan Fischer

2 years ago

A successful pioneer in the entire recycling industry

Dano De Mano

4 years ago

These guys are friendly, honest and they have an extra 3¢ recycling online coupon. When I was there, they were quickly helping customers to weigh their materials and get paid. And they took some old metal items off my hands. I'd bring my stuff here first.

Jordan Holland

7 years ago

Great rates. Fast payment. Nice folks.

Josh Kraus

5 years ago

Good guys fair prices easy to deal with

Stuper Stupendous

2 years ago

You might wait for a moment but the help is friendly and to the point. They pay for your recyclables!