Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminum cans: Do not need to be crushed or flattened. Please separate pet food cans, aluminum trays and foil, and other contaminants such as plastic bottles, glass and tin cans.

Cardboard: We prefer all boxes to be flattened. Do NOT include any plastic packing material or stryrofoam.

Insulated copper wire: There are a variety of “grades” and prices for wire. You do NOT need to strip off the insulation, but we do pay more if removed.

Glass: We NO LONGER accept glass jars and bottles. You may take these to the Seattle South Transfer Station in S Parl just 3 miles away, no charge.  

Items we do not accept! Styrofoam, mixed plastics such as plastic bags, wood pallets, small household batteries, and vehicles.

Yes, you must have a valid Wash St ID to turn in non ferrous metals (copper, coper wire, brass, etc). ID not needed for aluminum cans or steel and iron.

See our full list of recycleable materials that we pay for, accept and reject.