Our friendly and honest staff will weigh and buy-back your recyclables

Just bring your recycleables to our station between 9am–5:30pm Mon–Sat. 

  1. Please bring your recycleables relatively clean and sorted by material type.
  2. Place aluminium cans in the gray barrels. Newspaper should be bundled or sacked. All other material boxed. Please flatten cardboard.
  3. We weigh all material by category and pay you with cash or check.

[ See our Recycling Prices ] [ See our list: Recycleables We Buy, Accept and Refuse ]

Important note: Washington state law requires that for non-ferrous metal purchases, we have a cash limit of $30 (unless you have a commercial business affilitaion with current UBI #). for transactions over $30, you will receive a check. You must have a valid WA driver's license.  All transactions are recorded on video and computer data entry.

Here some customers are dropping off their aluminium cans for buy-back